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Update SERCAN firmware


Firmware update is an unrecoverable process, user should backup and manage current firmware(s) for recovering need.

In order to update new firmware for SERCAN, user have to touch the STEP-PC2 hardware. The proper procedure includes:

  • Open the top cover of the STEP2

  • Locate the bootloader jumper (J_Boot) on SERCAN module, and move jumper from pin 1-2 to 2-3, as shown in below.

J_Boot configuration for firmware updating

  • Power up the STEP2 and press RESET button on SERCAN module

In the /home/user/sys/RTSERCAN/firmware directory, there are firmware and update scripts for SERCAN module.

Firmware for SERCAN has name as RTSERCAN.hex while update script is

New firmware must be renamed to RTSERCAN.hex and put in this direcoty. Users are recommended to archive the current firmware before overwriting the new one.

After putting new firmware to /home/user/sys/RTSERCAN/firmware directory, J_Boot jumper is installed at pin 2-3, press RESET button (the green LED on SERCAN module will stop blinking), user simply run the the to start firmware update

$ ./

After firmware updating is compelted, user should move jumper J_Boot back to pin 1-2 and press RESET button again.

Firmware update for SERCAN on STEP2