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Dynamic Simulation

Gazebo is well known as dynamics simulator.

Gazebo Installation

You can test whether Gazebo is operational with the command below.

$ gazebo --verbose

Even though Gazebo is installed correctly, Gazebo may shows black screen on its scene, with the error below.

This error occurs because the model files required to launch Gazebo are not found. You can download model files from the link below.

Extract the compress file downloaded. and copy & paste them to ~/.gazebo/models. If you launch Gazebo again, it will be launched with no error.

Indy7 Gazebo

The following packages are available to use Indy series with Gazebo in ROS.

  • indy7_control: A package for controlling move and indy7 in the gazebo simulator using the ros_control package.

  • indy7_gazebo: A package for displaying the indy7 model in the gazebo simulator. Indy7 models can be displayed in Gazebo with the following command.

$ roslaunch indy7_gazebo indy7_world.launch


To run Gazebo, Moveit, and Rviz at the same time, use the following command :

$ roslaunch indy7_gazebo indy7_moveit_gazebo.launch