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Firmware Update


  • CORE module supports firmware updating via EtherCAT FoE.
  • Currently, there are 2 firmware versions used for 3 CORE models:
    • Firmware with revision number started by 0 to 7 is for CORE100, CORE200. E.g. file name ‘CORE100_CORE200_R0.05.bin’ is firmware revision 0.05 for CORE100/CORE200
    • Firmware with revision number started by 8 to F (hex) is for CORE500. E.g. file name ‘CORE500_R8.05.bin’ is firmware revision 8.05 for CORE500
  • Firmware updating can be performed by TwinCAT application or by NRMK STEP EtherCAT master controller. The below section explains how to update CORE firmware using TwinCAT application.

Check CORE Firmware Version

  • Start TwinCAT application, add new project and scan for CORE device like previous guide (Simple demo by TwinCAT)
  • Click on CoE-Online tab to check current software version (e.g. 8.04 in this case).
    Figure 1. TwinCAT3 Project - Current CORE Firmware Version

Prepare for Updating CORE Firmware Version

  • Click on Online tab and check Current State’ of device, it should be OP, CORE is in EtherCAT Operation Mode.
  • Click on Init button to change device’s state to initial state (INIT)
  • Click on Bootstrap button to change device’s state to bootstrap state (BOOT). At this state, CORE is ready for firmware updating.
    Figure 2. TwinCAT3 Project - Prepare for Updating CORE Firmware

Download New Firmware to CORE Module

  • Click on Download button in File Access over EtherCAT area, select a suitable firmware file
  • In Edit FoE Name, keep password as its default value (00000000), press OK button to start download firmware to CORE.
  • Downloading status is indicated by progress bar at the bottom-right corner in TwinCAT.

    Figure 3. TwinCAT3 Project - Download Firmware to CORE Module

  • After downloading completed, switch OFF, wait for about 3s to make power supply absolutely off. And then switch ON power on CORE module.

  • At this point, the CORE is internally writing the downloaded firmware, within about 10s, the CORE doesn't show any status on TwinCAT.

    Important: Do NOT shutdown power during this writing time.

  • After writing process, on Online tab, the CORE state will change to OP again. Click on CoE – Online tab and check for new software version.
    Figure 4. TwinCAT3 Project - Complete Downloading Firmware to CORE Module