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IndyFramework Release Notes

  • New features
    • Relative motion: jointMove:Relative and frameMove:Relative are added
    • endToolDO command is added in program tree for convenience
    • EndTool test panel is added in 'Setting > Endtool port' menu for convenience
  • Improved features
    • Conty's UI/UX
  • New features
    • New toolchain is applied
    • IndyCARE is launched
    • CORE's temperature measurement is available
  • Improved features
    • Remove dependancy between Indy and IndyCB
    • Improved logging features
  • Obsolete features
    • 'Virtual keyboard', 'Initializing position', 'Over-current reset' menus are deleted
    • 'Program Load [xml]' is deleted
  • New features
    • Possible to update S/W through Conty app
    • Add external interpolator function
  • Improved features
    • Add TRACE, OFFSET function in frameMove
    • Change belnding input argument from level to radius value
  • Obsolete features

v2.2.4b - released 2019/7/1

  • Improved features
    • Support both Rev.B and Rev.C COREs

v2.2.4 - released 2019/5/31

  • Improved features
    • Remove motion and program delay
    • Old version of Indy7 support
    • Improved CORE status check and exception handling
    • Synchronize Threads

v2.2.3 - released 2019/4/19

  • New features
    • Constant speed mode in frameMove command
    • Automatic tuning of threshold values for collision detection
    • Robot mounting angle setting
  • Improved features
    • Possible to change tool property (e.g. mass, com) without turning off the power
    • Speed limit in manual mode for safety
    • Increased movement acceleration in automatic mode
    • Improved indyDCP function

v2.2.2 - released 2019/1/13

  • Improved features
    • DIO configuration settings : the NRMK robots can be controlled simply by using digital I/O and their combination
    • Brake On/Off for Opti5
  • Obsolete features
    • Zero position setting

v2.2.1 - released 2019/1/4

  • New features
    • Pick and place
    • Palletizing : allows the robot to perform the same sequence of motions and actions at several different positions
  • Improved features
    • Convenient settings
      • Easy to set up general tools as well as NRMK dedicated tools
      • Possible to save multiple default program and select a default program when power turns on
    • Enhanced safety
      • All manual motions only move when the button is held down
      • In direct teaching mode, cannot be operated manually
    • Support for new OPTi5 and CB2.0 products